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Angelcam Viewer


The Angelcam Viewer is the simplest way to let your phone show what your IP cameras are streaming at any given moment.Just log in to your Angelcam account, choose a camera that's connected to it and you're all set.
The Angelcam Viewer supports:- RTSP- h.264- audio- all camera brands
Just like everything else we do at Angelcam, the app is as simple as it can possibly be. However, we're already working on new features that will be released soon!
Not using Angelcam for your security cameras yet? Let's change it, it's super easy. Just:- Go to Sign up within few seconds
The moment you connect your first IP camera(s), you can:- Record everything to secure and durable cloud storage with our Cloud Recording app. It works perfectly as NVR/DVR backup.- Stream live video a attract new customers with the Live Streaming app. It's a cool way to drive traffic to your website or venue.- Tell stories (not just) about your business with beautiful time lapse videos with our Time-lapse app.
All apps on our platform have their free version, so why not go give it a shot?